There’s a saying by the great scientist Thomas Edison - “If there is a better way to do it, find it” and this is exactly what we do at Entice Construction. We understand the problems involved in traditional constructional processes and hence provide better solutions for these problems in the form of high-end products. Our products can cut out the exceeding costs, inefficiency and timely delays involved in the traditional methods.

We at Entice, wish to redefine the construction processes in India with our revolutionary ‘RHINO’ brand products that are manufactured to provide user-friendliness. We strive to achieve excellence in our manufacturing processes by involving the latest methodologies and well-defined control measures in our production processes. It is our commitment to offer standard quality products that gets us recognition as a reliable construction materials supplier while giving us a promising future in the construction industry. We look forward to create a comfortable and equally profitable work environment for our people who strive to get us going on the path of success. We will surely achieve our goal of becoming a global player in the near future as we put together our determined efforts, ethics and vision.

Mr. Vasant Mungara
Managing Partner