Subject On site plaster RHINO PLAST
Work Time This process contains sand screening, cement mixing, water measurement, mixing of all these and again re-handling of all materials. As RHINO PLAST is ready mix dry plaster, it takes 1/3 time to start plaster process.
Wastage Wastage occurs while sand screening, re-handling of materials and rebound loss during plastering work. RHINO PLAST is premix so sand screening, re-handling of materials are not required and it contains selective additives, polymers, so rebound loss is less.
Quality Sand contains dust, moisture and also screening process is done manually at site by labours. RHINO PLAST contains dust proof sand which is duly dried, cleaned and screened mechanically.
Shrinkage and Leakage In this process sand contains dust and moisture, so shrinkage and leakage occurs after long time. RHINO PLAST contains dust proof sand which is duly dried and cleaned, so there is less chance of shrinkage and leakage.
Material Ratio Material mixing is done manually by labours at site so exact ratio is not maintained as per civil engineering standard. RHINO PLAST is machine processed and also exactly measured as per required standard.
Labour This process involves labours at each stage, so plastering process requires more time. It is ready to use, so it requires minimum possible time to start plastering process.
Storage It requires huge and specific storage area for materials like sand and cement to avoid wastage. RHINO PLAST is available in 50 kg laminated bags which is easy to store at work site.
Finishing Due to uneven sand particles, this process results into rough surface. RHINO PLAST contains duly dried, cleaned and graded sand which results into smooth surface.
Strength Sand contains dust and moisture as well as mixing process is done manually, so bonding and strength is less, also plaster gains cracks. RHINO PLAST has perfect bonding on any surface, it is free from cracks and more durable for its quality.
Consistency It’s manual mixture of materials like sand and cement, so consistency is not maintained. It’s tested at recognized and approved laboratories for strength and quality, so consistency is always there.